Deeluxe Pantalon S167009 Lawson Light Blue men's Trousers in blue.

Deeluxe  Pantalon S167009 Lawson Light Blue men's Trousers in blue
Deeluxe  Pantalon S167009 Lawson Light Blue men's Trousers in blue
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Deeluxe Pantalon Deeluxe S167009 Lawson Light Blue men's Trousers in blue

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Men's Trousers
Mens Clothing
Men's Trousers
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Clothing & Accessories > Men's Clothing > Men's Trousers

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Spartoo is the story of three friends who love shoes and the internet. Boris, Paul, and Jérémie, recent university graduates with a combined age of less than 75 years , dreamed of creating their own business online. After much reflection, they decided to launch their very own online shoe shop. The adventure started in 2006 with Spartoo, a reference to Roman sandals, the ancient leather sandals from the city of Sparta, one of the most powerful cities in ancient Greece. They creatively added two "O"s, a symbol of some of the Internet's greatest successes: gOOgle, yahOO, kelkOO…

And that's how Spartoo was launched on the 16th of August, 2006. Their enthusiasm and unique project seduced their motivated teams, investors, brands, and partners, who all came together for this legendary pioneering adventure.

The growth of the Spartoo team has only been matched by their increasing turnover. While they were a team of less than 10 employees at the beginning, the company is composed of more than 180 people based in Grenoble, France the capital of the French Alps. In May 2010, the company grew to such a point that they were even required to move to a more spacious office!

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