Dunlop Women's Dull PVC Wellingtons - Green, Green.

Dunlop Women's Dull PVC Wellingtons - Green, Green
Dunlop Women's Dull PVC Wellingtons - Green, Green
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Brand: Dunlop

Seller: Millets

Product Description

Women's durable 'Dull' PVC wellingtons from Dunlop, with sturdy soles providing a great grip.

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Women's Footwear
Womens Footwear
Women's Wellies
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female > Clothing & Accessories > Shoes

About The Seller

Millets was formed by multiple companies that came together over the years to form the business we love today. It all started over a century ago in 1893 when our founder, J.M Millet, opened a drapers and outfitters business in Southampton and Bristol before handing over the Bristol store to his Grandson, JB Spielman, in 1923. His Grandson increased the merchandise with a wider range of clothing, boots, shoes and much more which helped the business grow to five stores by 1939.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t to last. Bomb damage and stock shortages during the war had a huge impact on the company forcing two stores to close by 1951. After the devastation the war had caused Millets picked itself back up and by 1961 there were 11 shops attached to the company and by the early ‘70s Henderson Sports and Marcus Stores Limited were acquired providing Millets with a total of 54 units. In 1979, Foster Brothers Clothing plc took over the business which continued to grow.

We’re proud of our tradition. For generations our customers have relied on us for the clothing and equipment as well as advice and encouragement to fulfil their outdoor adventures and that remains as true today as ever.

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