Silky Smooth Knit Seamer Tights.

Silky Smooth Knit Seamer Tights
Silky Smooth Knit Seamer Tights
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Brand: Silky

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Smooth Knit is Silkys most popular line up and it is absolutely perfect for everyday wear.

Now Silky have expanded this range with something decidedly not everyday.

The new Smooth Knit Seamer Tights are some of the first items in the Smooth Knit range that come with seams meaning you can add a little vintage style into your ensemble whilst having an item thats ideal for everyday wear.

UK Tights
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Womens Lingerie
Women's Socks & Hosiery
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About The Seller

UK Tights was born on 6th September 2005. Both my husband Jonathan and I believed that there was a gap in the market for a good online reseller who sold quality products to both men and women of all shapes and sizes.

The gap was widened by the fact that customer service was not seen to an important factor when dealing with customers.

We believed that this was what would set us apart from our competitors and to this day it still does. We will always go that extra mile to help our customers.

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